Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi Everybody! We here in Cloudcroft would really like to invite you to our Summer Workshops in the wonderful, cool, Southern Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. We have terrific nationally known artists coming this summer. You are not too late to sign up.

These Workshops are for beginners as well as advanced students. Let me list the artists coming in July - Cathy McAnally Lubke - Watercolor and Acrylics; Gary Greene - Watercolor Pencil; Charles Harrington - Acrylics; Mike Mahon - Pastels; Ken Hosmer - Watercolor; Frank LaLumia - Watercolor; Carlynne Hershberger & Kelli Money Huff - Mixed Media. In August we have Krystyna Robbins - Oil; Bert Dodson - Drawing; and Mary Ann Beckwith - Experimental Watermedia.

Check us out on our website -

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  1. These sound like great classes. I will share the news with others.